Intransit has been connecting clients with trusted transportation providers who ship their freight since 2003!

Our goal is to provide superior service, the best prices in the industry and make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We invest heavily into cutting-edge technology and extensive staff training so that our business runs more effectively and safely than other shipping providers.

  • Truckload


    FTL (Full Truckload)

    Intransit is a full truckload specialist. Whether your shipment is refrigerated, dry or an open deck truckload, we’ll find you the right truck at the right time and at the best possible rate.

    • Good choice for hazardous or fragile shipment
    • Cargo stays in the same truck from point A to point B
    • Fast transportation

    LTL (Less Than Truckload)

    Our logistics team is very experienced with both refrigerated and dry LTL shipments. With our Multi-Stop option we can deliver to more than one destination.

    • Value effective cargo transportation
    • Great for small businesses

    Drop Trailer Service

    Intransit provides resilient Drop Trailer Service. Our team works to provide high quality services and cost saving for our customers.

    • Shippers can load the trailer at their leisure
    • Escape pricy charges for driver reservation

    Power Only Trucking

    Power only is using an independent driver’s or logistics company’s tractor to move your trailer that you either purchased or leased.

    • Save money with your own trailer
    • Unlimited capacity

    Trailer types


    Enclosed boxes for dry freight and any type equipment transportation. A Floor Loading option may be available.

    RGN (Removable Gooseneck)

    Usually used for transportation of tall loads.

    Reefer (Temperature Controlled)

    The temperature inside can be adjusted regardless of the product requirements.

    Stepdeck (Single Drop)

    To move the heavy and overdimensional load.


    Due to its easy loading and versatility, this is the most common type of open-deck trailers.

  • Rail

    Intransit offers high-quality services of train shipping. Rail transportation represents balance between term and costs and independence of weather conditions.

    Van types


    Enclosed boxes for dry freight and any type equipment transportation. A Floor Loading option may be available.


    The Flatbed is used to ship large items that are not sensitive to rain, and also for freight that needs more space than is available on a closed van.


    An open-topped rail van used for transporting friable products.


    Tank car provides transportation of liquid or gaseous cargo.


    Refrigerated van helps to ship cargo, which need specific temperature.

  • International

    Our experts provide quick and high quality international sea shipping. Sea transportation is an easy and efficient method for delivering freight around the world.


    FCL (Full Container Load)

    Full Container Load International shipment is a great choice for delivery of large amounts of items.

    • Great for large freight

    LCL (Less Than Container Load)

    Less Than Container Load international delivery enables you to ship a small number of items and share costs with other shippers.

    • Costs effective freight transportation
    • Ideal for small businesses

    SOC (Shipper Owned Containers)

    The main advantage of Shipper Owned Containers is saving money by using your own container.

    • Save money with your own trailer


    Multimodal International delivery includes shipping by more than one way.
    One container can be delivered by various methods.

    • Any combination of options

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